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Free Bokeh Textures & Bokeh Tutorial

Posted: June 21 2018 Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the out of focus, blurred parts of a photograph. The exact shape and characteristics of this effect is determined by the lens used when taking the photo, but you can artificially achieve a similar effect using photoshop and a texture layer to give your photos some extra character. If you’re looking for an easy way to add some bokeh textures to your next project, then here are some completely free textures for you to use, along with a simple tutorial… Read more »

WordPress Hacking Prevention

Last Updated: 29th September 2016 Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of hacked WordPress websites. It’s the same story every time. The site was developed years ago and no one’s bothered to update it since. The ancient version of WordPress and outdated plugins, all of which are full of security flaws, opened the site up to hacking attempts. When you’re dealing with any kind of Content Management System, this kind of situation would leave you open to hacking attempts. But with WordPress being the most popular CMS in the… Read more »

Web Design Tools

Last Updated: 10th August 2016 The website is the main component of almost any online marketing venture. And if a website fails to perform, a business’s online marketing efforts will suffer as a consequence. This infographic by Nirmal Web Design outlines 13 web design professionals along with their 3 favourite web design tools.

7 Reasons People Leave Your Site

Last Updated: 17th May 2016 Driving traffic to your website is time consuming and can often be expensive. If you’re going to put time and effort into getting people’s attention, the net logical step is working hard to keep it. There are a lot of reasons a user might leave your website without hanging around, and in this post we’re going to go over the biggest causes of ‘high bounce rates’. Applying this information to your own website will keep your users interested for as long as possible and ensure… Read more »