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Image Carousels: Should You Use Them?

Last updated: May 3 2018 I’m sure you’ve seen a million image sliders over the years. The big banner of images and text cycling through the homepage. These are seen on many websites and is one of the most universally requested features by my clients, usually because it’s a ‘standard’ feature they expect to see on a website, or because there are various people in the business all clamoring to get their content on the front page. But do they actually work? Lets find out! No One Interacts With Your… Read more »

What Your Small Business Website Needs In 2016

Last Updated: 15th April 2016 I often see small business websites lagging behind when it comes to their websites. For some, it’s an issue of money, and for others it’s an issue of time. And some just don’t have any interest in their online presence at all. Another really common problem I see is small business owners focusing on the look of their site above all else, thinking that a better looking or more trendy website will solve all of their problems. In practice, many of these businesses would benefit… Read more »

Page Speed Optimization: A Brief Guide

Last Updated: 26th March 2016 Simple Advice For Faster Load Times It doesn’t matter how patient you are, no one likes to wait in line. So why make your sites users wait? That’s essentially what you’re doing when you allow your site to have long load times and it could be having a disastrous effect on your customer experience. So Why Worry About Page Speed? Slow loading times can cause high bounce rates, high levels of cart abandonment, and a general sense of frustration amongst your users – all of which… Read more »

Something To Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name

There are two schools of thought on selecting a domain name. You can either choose a domain name that contains the keywords you’d like to rank for, or you can choose a brandable domain name that doesn’t necessarily contain the keywords, but is perhaps more memorable. Keyword Domain Names This type of domain name contains words directly relevant to your business. For example, a website that sells used cars in Perth might want a domain name like or This sort of domain name simultaneously tells your users exactly what your… Read more »

Australian Mobile Usage Statistics

Australian Mobile Usage Statistics Header Image

The Importance Of Having A Responsive Website Smartphone and tablet usage has been growing steadily each year. Making sure that your website is mobile and tablet compatible has never been more important than it is now, and it will only continue to become more important every year. These mobile usage statistics below show how Australians use their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. What Is Responsive Web Design? Responsive Web Design is a recent way of approaching web design. What it aims to do is to make your website… Read more »