Flex Fitness Equipment Website Design

Flex Fitness Equipment

Website Design

In 2015, Flex Fitness Equipment were beginning to expand their business – including hiring additional staff and opening new store locations in the Perth area. Along with this expansion, they were looking to grow their online presence with it. To accomplish this, they wanted a substantial upgrade from their existing Magento ecommerce website with a brand new website design on a new eCommerce platform suited to their business.

Working with Flex included not only the design and development of the new website, but also project management duties, extensive testing of the site and its features, training staff members on how to operate the back end of the site, and further support and maintenance after the launch of the site.

With their new website and eCommerce platform, Flex Fitness Equipment has been able to incorporate this website not only as an extension of their online presence, but as an aspect of their business as a whole.